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Apart from the talents of celebrities, singers, and models, there is something else that is so mesmerizing about them – their flawless, bright smiles. No need to feel envious. Why not get them yourself? Yes, you read that right! It is possible for anyone to achieve the same level of smiles like the ones they see in posters, television, and movies thanks to the cosmetic dental procedures available nowadays!

At The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, aside from professional teeth whitening that can brighten one’s smile, there is this other approach that can correct several teeth imperfections. Instead of opting for different treatments, dental veneers can handle issues like discolorations, chips, slight misalignments, fractures, and other teeth alterations. Want to give veneers a go? Know these things first!


Cosmetic Dentistry


Things to Know if Considering Veneers

There is no need to get veneers for all of your teeth

It is possible that only a single tooth is out of place, uneven, or discolored. The good thing about veneers is, they can be crafted to look as natural as the surrounding teeth. So, when placed on a single tooth, patients do not need to worry about it appearing unnatural.

The truth about enamel reduction

One thing you should consider is that, once veneers are placed they cannot be removed. But with the advancements in dentistry, there are more veneer options that patients can choose from. For instance, there are veneers that can be as thin as contact lenses. However, the ‘preparation’ of the enamel will depend on the state of the teeth. The little alteration needed, the lesser enamel reduced and vice versa.

Choosing the best shade can be tricky

People who are investing in veneers want to achieve ‘natural white teeth.’ However, the teeth are not naturally white; they are actually grayish-white or yellowish-white. So, to make sure that their enhanced smile would look as natural as possible, the dentist will consider the person’s complexion when choosing the right shade. Doing so gives the dental professional the idea on what color would suit them best.

Getting veneers is a commitment. To make sure that your enhanced smile could last for many years, practicing proper oral hygiene, performing adequate care, and scheduling routine appointments are best.


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