Foods to Avoid if Your Teeth Are Sensitive

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Tooth sensitivity may have many different causes. Worn tooth enamel, tooth decay, receding gums, teeth grinding and restorations like fillings, bridges and crowns may all cause one to experience hypersensitivity. One other very common factor is tooth erosion due to … Continued

Preventive Dentistry Strategies

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Maintaining healthy teeth with preventive dentistry strategies is a lifetime practice. Preventive strategies help achieve three primary dental health objectives: hygiene, appearance and comfort. Dr. Darian Hampton and his staff at The Hamptons Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can provide the … Continued

Dental Concerns for Smokers

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The dangers of smoking are well known to many people, but the particular dangers of smoking that affect dental health are somewhat less familiar. At The Hamptons Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Darian Hampton and his staff are committed to … Continued

Ways to Overcome Dental Anxiety

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While a trip to the dentist’s office is a tolerable experience for some, it is a heavy-winded, anxiety-ridden one for others. Some patients fear going to any type of doctor, experiencing stress and anxiety for days, sometimes even weeks, prior … Continued

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

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Here at The Hamptons Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we listen carefully and consider each patient’s unique needs while suggesting tooth replacement options. One of these options is dental implants, which are metal posts or screws that are surgically positioned into … Continued