Protect Your Back Teeth with Dental Sealants

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The chewing surfaces of the back teeth have crevices and rough edges called “pits and fissures.” Food particles are often stuck in these pits and fissures. Aside from food, plaque can also get trapped inside these spaces. Due to this, the molars and premolars are susceptible to the development of dental caries. Having dental caries is painful, it eats away the tooth and causes infection. When left untreated, dental caries might ruin the tooth to the point of having it pulled. 

This is where dental sealants come in. Although it may be true that there are many efficient ways to prevent the formation of cavities, adding extra protection decreases the risk. In fact, this extra layer of protection may be what saves the tooth! 

dental sealants treatment

A quick background on dental sealants 

The main goal of dental sealants is to protect the back tooth and prevent food particles from getting stuck inside the pits and fissures by providing a smooth surface. This inhibits bacterial growth and prevents dental caries from forming. As long as the dental sealants are present in the back teeth, susceptibility to dental caries decreases dramatically on both children and adults. When it comes to durability, sealants are strong enough to last for years and withstand daily chewing forces. However, each person is different, and the rate of the sealants wearing off may differ. 

Although dental sealants are good shields from dental caries, proper brushing and flossing practices must still be done. Remember to give your dentist a regular visit to see if your sealants are in good condition. 

Get your molars protected and save yourself from the pain of having a toothache! The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers Sealants in Carrollton, TX to give you an extra layer of protection from dental caries. Locate us at 3610 N. Josey Lane, #104, Carrollton, TX 75007. Call us to schedule an appointment at our dental office.