Teeth Straightening in Carrollton, TX Made Easy with These Options!

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Although it was always possible for anyone to get their teeth straightened, the thought of undergoing the traditional method kept them from doing so. From large metal brackets and wires to headgears, they would rather bear with their misaligned teeth than wear conventional orthodontic devices.

Orthodontic treatments have sure come a long way. People who are aiming to improve their smiles do not have to worry about a mouthful of metals for a year or so. Instead, visually pleasing and virtually invisible options can be availed. Newer choices seem to focus not only on providing the best teeth straightening results but also to cater to the preferences of patients. At The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are happy to offer our patients with two favorable orthodontic options – ClearCorrect and Six Month Smiles!


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ClearCorrect is a brand of clear aligner that corrects misalignments and malocclusions by using a thermoplastic material molded based on the impressions taken from the patient. Instead of being a bonded appliance, the aligner is easily removable when cleaning and eating. It aims to offer the same results that metal braces have to offer while getting rid of the usual hassles associated with it.


  • The aligners are accurately custom-made for each patient using digital assistance to get the best fitting appliance.
  • Patients are free to eat the foods they love since the aligners can be just removed.
  • Discomfort is greatly reduced by using a smooth appliance that will not cause any irritations in the mouth.
  • Keeping the appliance clean is easier since it can just be taken out from the mouth.
  • Patients can undergo an orthodontic treatment without feeling conscious about the appliance they are wearing.


Six Month Smiles

This type of braces uses the same concept as the traditional approach but instead of using metals, the brackets are clear, and the wires are tooth-colored. As its name implies, results can be achieved in around six months! It is made possible since the focus of the treatment is on the teeth that show the most when smiling AKA the front teeth.


  • Results can be expected in more or less than six months!
  • Although it offers a faster treatment, patients are assured that discomfort to be expected is lesser than the traditional approach.
  • Six Month Smiles may not be invisible, but they are still visually pleasing to provide patients the confidence to smile while wearing the orthodontic appliance.


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