The Clear Alternative to Traditional Orthodontics

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When it comes to braces, the first thing people think of is the metal device people wear in their mouths. There are even instances when dentists advise the wearing of a headgear which adds on to its unsightliness. However, despite all these, metal braces are undeniably effective in straightening people’s teeth. So, as technology in dentistry continuously advances, newer orthodontic options that aim to provide the same results as the traditional approach are being developed. Thanks to this, people who have been avoiding the use of metal braces now have several options available.

At The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we present a particular orthodontic approach which is currently one of the most popular options to teen and adult patients. With its help, teeth straightening no longer has to be the same as before. Getting straighter and healthier teeth is now better than ever! Know how this feat became possible by reading on below.

Clear aligner

ClearCorrect is a specific brand of clear aligner that aims to straighten the teeth without the hassles associated with the traditional treatment. Instead of bonding metal brackets and wires, trays molded based on the upper and lower dental arches are worn over the teeth. What’s more is, the trays are made from transparent materials to offer a more discreet approach. Thanks to these changes, patients no longer have to be conscious when wearing their orthodontic appliance. Since there are no longer metal edges that can potentially irritate and poke the soft tissues of the mouth, patients can expect less discomfort when wearing their ClearCorrect aligners.

What to expect during the treatment?

  • Patients may lisp when wearing aligners for the first time, but know that this is only temporary. As soon as the mouth adjusts to the appliance, normal speech can be regained.
  • Depending on the condition of the teeth, buttons, or attachments may be necessary to guarantee ideal results.
  • The bite will feel different every time aligners are replaced. This indicates the movement of the teeth to their designated places.
  • Although discomfort has lessened due to the use of transparent trays, know that each time the aligners are switched, it can cause temporary and slight pain.

As pointed out twice above, the ClearCorrect trays should be replaced. That is because patients do not need to schedule monthly adjustments like metal braces. Instead, aligners are provided by set and sequence which should be replaced depending on the recommendation of the dentist.

Did these pieces of information provided above make you think of opting for ClearCorrect Invisible Braces in Carrollton, TX? Let us at The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry help you get started with the treatment!