Tips in Choosing the Right Mouth Guard

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For people who love the great outdoors and sports, they should be in possession of something that can keep them safe from injuries. One example is a mouth guard. It may look like a simple plastic molded in a certain form, but it can do wonders for oral health by saving its structures from damage. If a person is interested in getting the said oral device, know that the ones sold in drugstores or sporting goods shop won’t do. Continue reading below.

When buying mouth guards, the last thing athletes should do is become overwhelmed due to a variety of options available. It should be picked based on the needs and preferences of the wearer not based on appearance. So, here is a three-step guide in choosing the best mouth guard.

Mouth Guard

Right protection

Wearers should enjoy the oral appliance based on its purpose—mouth guards, guard the mouth. That said, the bulky materials should be in the right places of the mouth. It is also necessary for athletes to get the proper protection based on the sports they play.

The good news is, mouth guards offered by our practice at The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry are customized for each patient. Meaning, their oral appliance can be made based on their needs to make sure they stay protected at all times.

Good fit

Protection is not the only thing athletes needs, as much as possible; the oral appliance should be comfortable when worn as well. If the mouth guard is not offering an adequate fit for a person, they can expect that their teeth are not well-protected. An ill-fitting mouth guard can cause not only discomfort but also a distraction to the wearer.

Custom-made mouth guards are, of course, created to offer the best fit to the patient since impressions of their mouths are taken by the dentist. When worn, not only are athletes confident that their teeth are protected, but they would also feel comfortable throughout the game.


Instead of opting for mouth guards that come in one size or those that need to be boiled and molded by the patient, choosing the ones provided by the dentist is best. With the advancements in technology and the expertise of the dentist, patients can expect that their oral appliance can last for a long time. That is if they observe the right care and maintenance.

With the right protection, good fit, and durability Mouth Guards in Carrollton, TX offers, people can enjoy the things they love while keeping their oral wellness protected. To get the custom-made device, call or visit us at The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry!