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You are wearing traditional dentures, and you find it very unpleasant to live with this kind of oral device—we get your point. Dealing with a wobbly, removable denture is a hassle. That is why we at The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry made fixed dentures available in our dental clinic.


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What Is A Fixed Denture?

As its name suggests, fixed dentures are placed permanently inside the wearer’s mouth. How is it possible? Well, the prostheses are attached in the jawbone using dental implants. The titanium posts act as the anchors that allow dentures to stay in place. Since fixed dentures cannot be removed from the mouth, patients will need to take care of the said replacement like their natural teeth.


Reasons To Ditch Removable Dentures

Let us unveil the most common reasons why people don’t like wearing the conventional kind of dentures.

Removable dentures can be irritating to the gums

When dentures are not anchored into the jawbone, the tendency is that all the pressure that the wearer exerts when munching foods will be distributed to the gums. As a result, these soft tissues experience redness, soreness, and irritations.

Their fit changes over time

If you are wearing dentures for many years now, you might notice that your oral device gradually became poorly-fitting. There’s a disturbing story behind it. Did you know that it is not the denture itself that is changing in shape and size? It is actually your jawbone. The absence of stimulants (teeth) in your jaw makes it easy for your bone to degenerate, resulting in the alteration of both the symmetry of your face and the fit of your dentures.

It is not so nice to eat with traditional dentures

People need extra effort when choosing the foods that they should incorporate in their diet if they have removable dentures. They will have to spend time cutting their vegetables or fruits in small bits before eating them because if they won’t, it will create a huge problem in their mouth.


Let Us Help You!

Struggle no more! Here at The Hampton’s Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, you can opt for fixed dentures under our Dentures Services in Carrollton, TX  for a smoother dental restoration experience. If you are unhappy with your regular teeth replacement, call or visit us at 3610 N. Josey Lane, #104, Carrollton, TX 75007. We can help you restore your smile more comfortably!