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In many cases, the back teeth can be susceptible to damage or decay, especially in children. To combat this, we can apply dental sealants to the chewing surface of the back teeth to make them smoother and less susceptible to damage or decay.

The molars and premolars are the teeth that are predominantly used for chewing food. Because of this, they have chewing surfaces with deep grooves and fissures. These grooves and fissures can sometimes trap food particles or bacteria, and they can be hard areas to clean with the bristles on your toothbrush. Over time, these food particles and bacteria may linger and eventually cause damage or decay to the tooth. To prevent this, we offer dental sealants.

Dental sealants are a layer of acrylic coating that can be painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This will smooth out the rough surfaces where the grooves and fissures trap bacteria or decay. The procedure involves cleaning the tooth to remove any existing bacteria or decay that has built up.

Once the site is cleaned and dried, our dental professionals will paint the sealant on to the chewing surface and then bond it with a curing light. The process is painless and can usually be completed during a regular checkup. While sealants are most commonly used for children, they can also be beneficial for adults who are at risk for decay.

Dental sealants will not change the appearance of teeth, and they require no special care.

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Dana R.

We love this dentist! Great family atmosphere. They know us all and treat us like friends. Totally recommend Dr. Hampton. Great staff!

Patrick L.

I've been going to Dr. Hampton for over a decade, and even though I moved to McKinney since then I haven't changed dentists. He's the only dentist I've ever been to that doesn't make my teeth feel like a jackhammer was involved in the exam. :)

Angie R.

Dr. Hampton and his staff are extremely friendly, kind and exceptionally great at their jobs! The dentist is not a fun place to be but they do their best to make you feel at home. Every time I go, my experience is positive from beginning to end. Also, they are very understanding of your needs even financially! You can tell it’s not just about the money with Dr. Hampton! This is the best dentist you will find I am 100% sure!
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