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Dr. Hampton, a leading North Dallas orthodontist, offers both pediatric and adult patients premium care to help straighten crooked teeth. Dr. Hampton knows that crooked or crowded teeth can make you feel self-conscious no matter what age you are. He also realizes that metal braces, the traditional method for straightening teeth, can create added embarrassment for those undergoing treatment. Not only are metal braces highly noticeable when you smile, but food gets easily stuck in front braces — and you may not even realize it until you have spent hours smiling at people.

That is why Dr. Hampton is happy to offer two types of clear braces, ClearCorrect and Six Month Smiles®, to help children or adults get the smile they want. Both options provide nearly invisible treatment, so you can continue to smile brightly even while your teeth are in the process of being straightened.

Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening Options

ClearCorrect treatment is comprised of a series of tailor-made, clear, removable aligners that straighten your teeth over time. Each aligner gradually moves teeth a bit at a time, providing maximum comfort while moving teeth into their proper place.

In addition, ClearCorrect aligners can be removed while eating, so cleaning and maintaining aligners is an easy task. With ClearCorrect, you no longer have to worry about having spinach stuck in your metal braces or cleaning around the pesky apparatus. You can simply take out your aligners while you eat and brush your teeth normally before putting them back in.

Additionally, Six Month Smiles braces focus on correcting only the teeth that are visible to others when you smile. This means that they do not significantly change your bite, allowing for less impact on the teeth. Six Month Smiles braces are often less expensive than traditional orthodontia or a smile makeover with porcelain veneers. And, don’t forget: This treatment works quickly and effectively to straighten teeth in about six months.

How Dr. Hampton can Help Straighten Teeth

Dr. Hampton, a compassionate cosmetic dentist in North Dallas, understands that the prospect of straightening teeth can be daunting, especially if you associate straight teeth with years of wearing painful, clunky metal braces. Traditional orthodontia may, in fact, be uncomfortable and conspicuous, but the latest innovations in teeth straightening are not.

Dr. Hampton is highly experienced in helping children and teens brave their teeth straightening experience. Not to mention, he has honed many techniques that also help adults straighten their teeth easily and often more quickly than expected. By coupling orthodontic innovations such as clear braces with his compassionate, patient demeanor, Dr. Hampton makes straightening teeth a cinch.

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in Carrollton

Dana R.

We love this dentist! Great family atmosphere. They know us all and treat us like friends. Totally recommend Dr. Hampton. Great staff!

Patrick L.

I've been going to Dr. Hampton for over a decade, and even though I moved to McKinney since then I haven't changed dentists. He's the only dentist I've ever been to that doesn't make my teeth feel like a jackhammer was involved in the exam. :)

Angie R.

Dr. Hampton and his staff are extremely friendly, kind and exceptionally great at their jobs! The dentist is not a fun place to be but they do their best to make you feel at home. Every time I go, my experience is positive from beginning to end. Also, they are very understanding of your needs even financially! You can tell it’s not just about the money with Dr. Hampton! This is the best dentist you will find I am 100% sure!
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