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Often, patients contact their North Dallas cosmetic dentistry provider, Dr. Hampton, because they have an important event coming up and they want to make sure that their teeth are straight and dazzling in time for it. They may have a wedding or graduation to attend, a job interview to ace, or a conference to lead. Sometimes, they are simply frustrated when they look in a mirror and see a smile full of crooked teeth reflected back at them. Crooked teeth can make even the most confident people feel embarrassed or exasperated.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, Dr. Hampton can help. The knowledgeable cosmetic dentist offers multiple ways to straighten teeth, including Six Month Smiles® clear braces. As the name implies, Six Month Smiles® braces is a quick and effective way to align teeth, no matter what the impetus for treatment is.

Six Month Smiles® utilizes specialized clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months. This nearly invisible cosmetic dentistry system is offered through Premi…

What is Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces System?

Six Month Smiles® are braces that are designed to straighten your teeth in a short amount of time and as imperceptibly as possible. They differ from traditional metal braces in that the brackets are either clear or the color of your teeth. Six Month Smiles® braces also use extremely thin wires, so others can hardly tell that you are straightening your teeth. With this clear braces system, you can have a better smile, with well-aligned teeth, in time for your next big event.

The Benefits of Six Month Smiles®

Although conventional stainless steel or titanium braces are an adequate tool for straightening teeth, there are some drawbacks to this traditional method. The biggest drawback to this teeth-straightening approach is that others can plainly see metal braces anytime you speak or smile. This can make you feel less confident or more self-conscious.

The good news is that Dr. Hampton, your neighborhood North Dallas dentist, provides other orthodontics options, such as Six Month Smiles® clear braces, to straighten teeth, so you can get the smile you deserve with as little hassle as possible. Here are some of the specific benefits of Six Months Smiles®:

  • Six Month Smiles® clear braces offer an average treatment time of just six months.
  • The brackets are made of clear plastic or enamel-colored material, and the wires are incredibly thin, so most people will not realize that you are straightening your teeth while you wear Six Month Smiles® braces.
  • This clear braces system is designed to move the teeth that people notice when you smile. Because of this approach, Six Month Smiles® braces do not significantly change your bite, making the process relatively more comfortable than other teeth-straightening methods.
  • For most patients, Six Months Smiles® braces are less expensive than traditional braces, ClearCorrect aligners or porcelain veneers.

The Hampton's Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Carrollton, Texas, is pleased to offer interest-free financing for those who qualify because Dr. Hampton is dedicated to making teeth-straightening treatment affordable for everyone.

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Dana R.

We love this dentist! Great family atmosphere. They know us all and treat us like friends. Totally recommend Dr. Hampton. Great staff!

Patrick L.

I've been going to Dr. Hampton for over a decade, and even though I moved to McKinney since then I haven't changed dentists. He's the only dentist I've ever been to that doesn't make my teeth feel like a jackhammer was involved in the exam. :)

Angie R.

Dr. Hampton and his staff are extremely friendly, kind and exceptionally great at their jobs! The dentist is not a fun place to be but they do their best to make you feel at home. Every time I go, my experience is positive from beginning to end. Also, they are very understanding of your needs even financially! You can tell it’s not just about the money with Dr. Hampton! This is the best dentist you will find I am 100% sure!
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